MASTERKEYS WEEK 24 ” Polly want a cracker?”

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Are you a parrot ?

Think for a moment about a parrot.

While a beautiful bird, do you think a parrot has any great level of intelligence ? On par with us humans?

The parrot can actually “imitate” sounds that it has been exposed to, over and over ,repeatedly.

It doesn’t happen right away but,
It can be “trained” to COPY what it hears.

It mindlessly “repeats” what it has heard.

I hope none of you are of the belief that a parrot actually “thinks” about what it is imitating , right?


I should hope not , for if that were the case , I’d be writing to the wrong audience.


“WE” DO.
( or at least we have the ability to)

I would like to share something I discovered ( a small part of the larger picture) , that was written over…

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MKMMA week 23 Prejudice


YIKES me of all people prejudice. This has been very hard to accept but it is true.

I have been immersed in the life changing process of the MKMMA experience. I have grown so much. I have become aware that something in me is just not feeling exactly congruent or right. Many times in the silence and in my sits I ask questions and request guidance. I have had some wonderful results and insights using this process.  Lately, I have been asking what is holding me back from fully engaging in my business? It took a few days and I am not sure exactly when or how but BAM I do know Spirit or God sent me the most profound and clear message. I have a repressed prejudice to network marketing. It was not quite like being hit in the head with a 2X4 but it was still very clear.  I am coming to grips with it now after several days.  I have had a couple of negative experiences in the past that seemed to justify the opinion within me. I wanted to be clear so I have attached a few definitions:


1. Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

2. Dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior deriving from unfounded opinions.

Ok, now I know the truth. It makes sense. I understand that I was secretly feeling guilty or kind of unclean. I have had to ask myself if I wanted to do something about it. My answer was of course yes. Intellectually, I do know the truth about my company, my products, my up-line and my intentions.  My reasons to be successful are very clear. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I love building relationships and helping others. I remember MJ asking someone if they were prejudice in a go90grow example. I know this is up for me right now for a reason. I know I will run in to it with others. I need to know how to address it compassionately when it shows up.

This is a life changer and I am so happy. Now that I know what it is I know Spirit will help me heal. My next step is to sit, concentrate and use all the tools I have been learning. I know I am on the Hero’s journey. I know I have the tools. I take full responsibility. I feel scared but I feel so vibrantly alive! Woops scared humm maybe I will take Og’s advise and sing a song while I am at it.

MKMMA week 22A The sounds of silence

This week I am sharing some of my experiences of the 48 hours I spent last weekend in silence. My interpretation of the assignment was no computers, no books; no media of any kind and of course no talking. I spent a few hours alone and most of the time I spent with my partner Cheryl who is also in this class and doing the same exercise. I had some expectations to get more clarity with source and to get direct guidance. I was looking forward to the process.

Saturday morning arrived and the process began. I found myself alone until about 2 in the afternoon.  I say alone but I soon became very aware of all that was running in my head as thoughts. I was not alone nor was I quiet. I had no distractions so my feeling and thoughts became intense and uncomfortable. I found myself reliving a painful event from Friday. Cheryl was a couple hours later to return than I expected and I found that upset me. Humm… I felt those familiar peptides of sadness and the knowing I did not want to get stuck there. I became very clear by Saturday early afternoon that I had a lot of judgments going on. I am so thankful I became aware and consciously let it go. Throughout the rest of the day I had many mini meditations. I was looking for the kind of clarity to questions about how to do my career that would be undeniable kind of like getting hit in the head with a 2X4. Well I got hints it might not be going to work that way. Cheryl and I settled into the quiet gloriousness of just being together no words no music just being together. We spent most of Sunday with our camper at the beach. It was so great to just be. We rested we walked on the beach. We did a sit and I did several little informal mini sits. The level of wordless connection with each other and with source was so beautiful and so cleansing. As for the answers I was looking for, they came but I had to find them inside. I have just spent all these weeks learning this. I can create my life pretty much how I want it to be. I can build it. I have the tools. I can build the passion that is so important to me. I can expand my thoughts. I can share this. The truth is I have to step out there more. That is the only way my goals will be met. I ended the weekend filled with gratitude and looking forward to scheduling more time to be quiet. This process gave me a deeper connection and so much more insight into my being and life. I don’t know how to explain or express the gratitude I have for the growth process I am going through. I am so thankful to be going through this process with such a wonderful dedicated group of people.

MKMMA Week 22 Time to be Quiet

It is hard to believe it is time for another blog already. I worked hard at last week’s blog and I gained a lot of understanding of where I was and what I was feeling. This week has gone by very fast.  Unfortunately, I still feel the same frustrations I did a week ago.

I love the new reads from OG and Haanel. I have watched 2 of the videos on the Hero’s Journey and I hope to watch another one tonight. I have become fairly comfortable with the toolbox that shows us how to use our uncomfortable feelings to our advantage. I am still sitting twice a day on most days. I am searching for more clarity on how to work my business. I need to know what it is within me that is keeping me from totally believing and committing to my company. I know the company is wonderful but yet something holds me back. I know to be successful I need to be full of passion and knowing.  I am extremely passionate about my personal growth and helping people. I have to figure out how to make that work with my business. I have decided to take these issues and all the tools of the past 22 weeks into the quiet for the next 48 hours.  I know I have enough fear to have plenty of energy, concentration and focus. I also know that in the quiet there is all the love of the universe. I know I am driven by so much more than money. Wish me luck. I am excited and I am going in deep very deep.

MKMMA week 21 The “H” Journey

Is it the Hero’s Journey or the Journey from Hell? Well let’s see that really depends on cause (thought) doesn’t it? It is interesting the discomfort of change is becoming a welcome and dear friend. I often think of Luke Skywalker from the movie Star Wars. In particular I equate my current experiences of changing my blue print to that of Skywalker when he is barreling along at super speed in a tunnel under the giant starship looking for that vulnerable soft spot for a direct hit. I too feel like I am in a very fast track and my success requires more concentration than I have ever known.  Like Skywalker I seem to be taking many small and way to close hits that are discomfort and yet they are my teachers. Yes, sometimes this journey is scary if I let my mind think that way. Yes, I have become more daring and each little hit builds more determination. I am constantly being reminded of the saying from star wars “The Force Be With You” as I make every effort I can to trust and surrender into my positioning with universal mind. The thrill of the journey is exhilarating. Sometimes I feel like I literally grabbed hold of a live electric wire and it shakes me all around and I sort of freak out. I always come out of it thankful because that is one place I might not have to go again although I may have to start my mental diet all over again. There is nothing more important to me that developing my relationship with universal mind. Like Skywalker I am fully committed. I am on this ride to the very end and I will succeed.  Since I am using movies to help tell my story. I end this blog with a quote from Forrest Gump “and that is all I have to say about that”

MKMMA Week 20 Linking

As this class progresses I find myself more at choice than I have ever been. I can feel where I judge myself inadequate etc. or I can simply choose to see it differently. The choice between the discomfort of change and choosing to think differently is becoming so much easier and more natural. I find myself seeing more experiences that I can use to guide me. For example I went to a funeral this week to support my sweet heart. I had met the person that passed only a couple of times and by then her brain tumor had put her in her own very creative world. I had briefly met 2 other people who were there. My point is I went totally as an observer and as a support. This ended up being such a wonderful day. Over a period of about 3 hours I had experiences that are etched deeply in my mind. Everyone at this funeral seemed to be making such wonderful choices to think only of the good. I met many older people some of which were in such compromised stages of health. I met people just bursting with life. I met Jack. Jack is 91 years young. Jack at one point simply stated as a matter of fact he had better sit down before he falls down. He was casual about it and did not skip a beat. He kept smiling and laughing and telling stories. Jack has a way of making one feel appreciated and even loved. BAM! Jack and his wife lost a sister and their best life long friend in the last 2 weeks. Not one word of sadness only words of appreciation and faces that reflected so much love. I saw families and I observed their love from a place of non-attachment. We then went to visit 2 of my partner’s friends. Both of these people are doing incredible healing things that are in perfect harmony with what we are doing in MKMMA. The enthusiasm and commitment was over the top. The connection was awesome. The next thing I noticed was my partner and I were in the car and very hungry and tired. We had a miscommunication with each other. I was thrilled that there was no bitterness. We both lovingly rode through it without being consumed by it. Later after food and rest we were able to heal and better understand one another. What I am really trying to say here is life is changing faster than I have been giving it credit for. Sure I am not yet manifesting everything I want nor am I feeling my connection as much as I would like, however, I am amazed so much is happening. I believe I am nature’s greatest miracle more each day. When I look for the good and think only of the good it is so much easier to great this day with love in my heart. My focus draws it in! One good linking experience leads to the next.


MKMMA week 19 The remaking of self

Wow this is indeed the ride of a lifetime. Sometimes it feels like so much work and sometimes all I feel is pure joy.  I have had so many breakthroughs and so many shifts in consciousness. I keep silently having faith that at some point more of my vibrations will shift in a permanent way. I mean great things are happening but I really have to dig in and if I don’t I feel the loss.  It seems to be a constant battle for my mind. I am thankful that I am so aware. I am looking for a permanent shift that would make thinking better come more natural and be the norm. Yes I would not mind if it was easier.  I know my baseline programming has changed and is changing. I go through periods of time when I have to really work hard to make any shift at all.  There are also times when I get on a high that seems to be easier to maintain. Sometimes I am bold and brave. Sometimes I am doubtful and have to work and work and focus and concentrate and shift.  The saying “perfect performance prevents poor performance” inspires me. I am so dedicated and I can no way see me going back to the old blue. It will not happen. Ok, so I am doing everything that I am doing and yet I want more. Ok, I am allowed to do that in fact that is part of the connection with universal mind. I am still sitting twice a day.   I want to live in a place of natural aware connection with Universal Mind.  I keep asking if I have truly given myself permission to be what I want to be? Am I just pulling off the layers of consciousness that is talked about so much with spiritual growth? What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do next? The only thing that keeps coming to mind is just keep earnestly doing what I now consider my very best over and over and over again.  Humm….. Should I even say anything about struggle…? or work? Is this thinking the cause that creates the result of work and struggle? I believe these answers will become clearer with more practice and the support of Universal Mind. It could be I just wrote this blog to help expose and change my thinking. I am so thrilled and so so so thankful.

MKMMA Week 18 Happiness runs

Today truly is the “Best Day Of My Life”. Everyday I am more amazed with life and it’s possibilities. I feel like I really am “Natures Greatest Miracle”. I am amazed by my ability to control my thoughts and vibrations. This ability or skill seems to be growing stronger every minute. Yes, I am still taking baby steps and yes, sometimes I fall. I feel like a young child learning how to walk for the first time. With every fall I am more motivated and zealous to use more of my new tools. Oh at times I have my challenges for sure but I am quickly learning to forgive and to use all these wonderful new tools. Sometimes I have to try over and over and over again and even if I think I have a painful situation I am filled with joy. I keep asking myself how can it get any better than that? Every day I am more able to focus intensely. Everyday I am freer of my old thought patterns. Every day I am closer connected to the divine. I am learning to take bigger steps and to celebrate my success. OMG happiness, a couple of days ago I saw a friend I had not seen in a month. He told me how different I looked. He could not say exactly but I did look thinner more vibrant and happy. My partner tells me the same. That’s great but the most important thing is I know it beyond any doubt. In about 1969 I had the opportunity to see Donovan live at the Oakland coliseum. My guess is there were at least 30,000 people there. He sat on the floor and at one point he had us all swaying and singing “Happiness Runs”. It was a very magical experience and I have held that memory tenderly for all these years. Finally I have the tools to create that feeling on demand. I will close by sharing the chorus. I hope you enjoy!

Thought is like a little boat upon the sea.

Everybody is a part of everything anyway,

You can have everything if you let yourself be.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs in a circular motion Thought is like a little boat upon the sea.

Everybody is a part of everything anyway,

You can have everything if you let yourself be.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

Happiness runs, happiness runs.

                                         Happiness runs in a circular motion

MKMMA week 17HJ Buckle Up!

The Ride of a Lifetime

The official subject of this week’s course is the Hero’s Journey. As I sit to write this I realize I am truly on a hero’s journey.  I have reached a place of no return. It feels good to say that and to realize I could not quit or return even if I wanted to. Too much of my old life has been stirred up and I have lost my way back. I am pushing forward with every once of determination I can find. Just when I start to think I am running out or losing the way or even totally crashing something will happen that gives me more hope, more insight, and more determination than ever before. The exercises are still very intense and can push me quite hard. Somehow the tools always seem to be there to eventually move through it and grow. Giving my self permission to love me and then to ask my self the question, what am I pretending not to know, have been pretty big deals for me. Like I said earlier I can’t go back. I can only keep going forward. I have made lists of what I am pretending not to know. I have worked it down into common denominators etc.  I have felt the emotions and self-judgments.  I have cried, done EFT, worked with my mastermind partner and upped my sitting to 3 times a day. All have been helpful especially the sit. With all the work we have been doing the sit is where I am doing my big work to consciously direct my mind. I do not take any thoughts lightly anymore. All thoughts have to be supervised. If I don’t want a condition I now very seriously get it out of my thoughts. If I leave it in my mind there is a good chance I will manifest it or something of the same vibration level.  I did that 3 times last week and I have really learned how to use and build up the law of substitution. It is a lot more fun to focus intently on what I would rather have.  I call this the hero’s journey and I realize I am not yet where I want to be.  I also know more each day about who I truly want to be and what that looks and feels like. What I want to do in business and to earn has taken a huge back seat to manifesting who I want to become. Right now that is all that matters.  For me it is all about love. Loving myself enough and in such a way that I feel perfectly safe and secure with out feeling judgment from others or myself. I know I can love others more freely and without judgment in a way they can feel our connection. I know that as I do this many will be inspired and lead to live their hero’s journey. That is about the biggest BAM I can think of. I am talking about changing the world for the better by consciously creating the world I want to live in. I know that the more I learn to do this the more of everything else I want will show up. This is the hero’s journey. This is being truly alive!

MKMMA Week 17 What a Ride


My lady and I were out on the town and we stopped at a real estate open house. We were not ready to buy, however, we wanted to look and even feel what it would be like if we were. I was not expecting the realtor to seem so obnoxious. She kept drilling me with what seemed like thousands of pointed questions. Seemingly out of nowhere my old blue came bounding to life. My buttons were pushed. I withdrew from her and we left with me feeling disrespected and angry. Humm …  a little later I was able to reflect on what went on for me. I realized all my judgment and the feeling of belittlement was 100% opposite of what I wanted. I realized that even though there were things about the realtor I did not like there were no doubt things about her I would like. I had to realize that if I were truly comfortable with the truth of who I am I would have no use for such horrible thoughts and feelings. Next I realized I had to start my mental diet over again and yet I felt joy that this was exposed for me to learn from.  All I can say is Thank God I have this class and the teachings of Haanel. The thing I want most to be is love in every situation.  I have had to look again at cause and effect, at how vibration is the action of my thoughts and how these factors affect my predominate mental attitude. The key thing I walk away from this situation with is a refreshed understanding of Emerson’s Law. If I want to be more loved I have to be better at loving and not just when it is easy. I am filled with hope and this brings a new charge and determination to my sits.